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CFH shelters help medically frail and mentally ill women get back on their feet and find permanent housing.

Care For the Homeless (CFH) opened Susan’s Place in 2008. Since then, over 1,000 medically frail and mentally ill women have healed, gotten back on their feet and found permanent housing.

In 2019, we continued along the same path with the opening of the 52nd Street Women’s Shelter.


Care For the Homeless (CFH) opened Susan’s Place on August 6, 2008.

The 200-bed transitional women’s shelter is co-located with a CFH health and dental center.

For the past 12 years, Susan’s Place has served medically frail and mentally ill women. The site provides women experiencing homelessness with healthy meals, clean clothing, and recreational activities, in addition to health care and social services.

Above all, Susan’s Place provides women with a safe and supportive environment, as well as the resources they need to stay housed once they are placed in a permanent residence.

Over 1,000 women have been placed in permanent housing since the site opened.


For over a year, the 52nd Street Women’s Center has housed and treated mentally ill and medically frail women as they work toward improving their health and acquiring permanent housing.


The 120-bed shelter is home to a wide range of social services in addition to health care.

The health care team will include: a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner and a registered nurse. This team will work closely with the shelter staff, made up of: a shelter director, a security team, case managers, housing specialists and a recreation coordinator.

We are also committed to promoting an open and honest channel of communication with the community. In that vein, the organization has established relationships with the 18th Precinct’s Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) and Community Board 4.

In early May of 2019, we hosted these groups as well as many other community leaders at an open house.

We are very grateful for the warm reception the surrounding community has given us.