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Volunteer Opportunities

Explore all available volunteer opportunities and join us in our mission to prevent and end homelessness.

Remote Volunteer Opportunities

We have suspended in-person volunteer opportunities for the immediate future as a response to social distancing recommendations. This is unfortunate, but if you still wish to help there is good news! In lieu of lending us your time in person, you can still help our homeless neighbors by:

1. Start Your Own In-kind Drive

In-kind fundraisers help relive the stress that comes with not having essential items like toiletries and feminine hygiene products. In addition, that relief helps those experiencing homelessness focus more on their journey to independence.

We are currently experiencing an increase in health center visits. This is partially due to the influx of asylum seekers in New York City and the expiration of the rent moratorium. Our providers are proficiently meeting their health care needs.

However, families in need also require items like diapers, bottles, and clothes. Your contribution of these items can help relieve the stress of these situations.

Donate Items to Families with Children

Donate Personal Care Items

Start Your Own In-kind Drive!

Child and Mom Opening New Backpack
Patient Receiving a Vaccine

2. Host Your Own Fundraiser

Delivering high quality health care is among the most effective ways to help those we serve end their episodes of homelessness. And part of the reason we’re able to continue to provide for those in need is because of the generosity of folks like you.

In the past, our friends have hosted fundraisers on GoFundMe and Facebook. This is a great way for you to not only support New Yorkers in need, but let others know about the work CFH does.

Reach out to info@cfhnyc.org for more information!

3. Follow Us and Share Our Stories!

One of the easiest ways for you to show us your support is to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There, you can stay up to date with everything CFH and share our many stories with your friends and family!

Our handle is @cfhnyc on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and @_cfhnyc on Instagram. We’ll meet you over there!

Care For the Homeless Physician Dr. Andrea Littleton with a Patient

In Person Volunteer OPPORTUNITIES

(Temporarily Suspended)

1. Food Service at Susan’s Place

Visit susan’s place shelter and serve a hot meal to our wonderful residents.

Susan’s Place is located at: 1911-21 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453, USA
Click below to see volunteer opportunities.

See Opportunities

Susan's Place Food Services
Rice Students packing kits

2. Kit Packing at 33rd Street

Providing the people we serve with basic goods like socks, gloves, and toiletries is essential. And in the spirit of making their transition from homelessness to permanency easier, we often distribute these items as kits.

So, we are always in need of volunteers like you to help put them together.

Reach out to Jonathan Petrakakos at jpetrakakos@cfhnyc.org to learn more about kit packing opportunities.

For more information, contact Jonathan Petrakakos at: jpetrakakos@cfhnyc.org

More Coming!

Check Back with Us Soon! Also, see Other Ways to Give!

Other Ways to Give