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The CFH Effect

Explore our effect and the scope of what we do as well as read all about the incredible people we help.

CFH has 25 health care delivery sites in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens
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Our Effect

Explore the our effect page to read the stories of those who have overcome the many obstacles homelessness presents as well as discover ways that you can join us in our mission to end homelessness.

CFH NP Joy Fuvuzza with Patient Sahira P. Explore our effect.

Homelessness intertwines with health care. They constantly affect one another. Only treating one allows the other to fester, perpetuating and individual’s cycle of homelessness. Care For the Homeless providers and staff understand the importance of this intersection and work to address the whole person; who they are, what their background is, and what their current situation is as well as their medical needs. This health care model highlights the many nuances and complexities homelessness presents and breaks down the prejudices stacked against it.

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Patient Stories

Patient Stories | Douglas W.

On June 20th, 2019, Douglas W. took the stage at Care For the Homeless’ (CFH) 6th Annual Summer Solstice of Success Celebration. He was being honored with

What Does Success Look Like?

What Does Success Look Like?CFH's 6th Annual Summer Solstice Success Celebration"‘Formerly homeless.’ Those last two words, so simple, so sweet. When I

Patient Stories | Victor S.

Music is Victor S' life. He’s partial to jazz, jump blues, R&B, and classic soul, but is up for any style as long as he can play the drums. As a successful

Patient Stories | Sahira P.

No more than 4 months ago, Sahira P. came to Care For the Homeless’ (CFH) Susan’s Place Health Center in the Bronx for a routine check-up. However, there

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