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From Homelessness to Housing | 5 Stories

The ultimate goal of any individual who comes to a homeless shelter is to achieve permanent housing. These five women did just that.

The ultimate goal of any individual who comes to a homeless shelter is to achieve permanent housing. Below, we have curated five stories of women* who did just that.

From Homelessness to Housing. Achieve permanent housing.

Mrs. U

Mrs. U overcame her substance use disorder 16-years ago and has maintained sobriety ever since. She went on to work in a substance use disorder program. Unfortunately, after a decade of service, she lost her job this past year along with her home. So, at the age of 63, she came to Susanโ€™s Place.

Mrs. U arrived at Susanโ€™s Place determined to do everything in her power to continue maintaining her health and achieve stable housing, again.

At Susanโ€™s Place, she accessed our on-site, high-quality medical and behavioral health care services, social service staff, and housing specialists. All of whom helped her secure and move into her own one-bedroom apartment.

In addition, we provided her with a move-out kit. This included pots, utensils, plates, sheets, towels, a mop, and a broom to get her started in her new apartment.

Mrs. U still keeps in touch with the staff at Susanโ€™s Place. She says she is incredibly grateful for their support and assistance, which helped her stay hopeful and focused on her goal, โ€œeven on some of her really bad days.โ€


Adela arrived at the 52nd Street Womenโ€™s Center this year, at the age of 51. She had recently lost her factory job after suffering a leg injury. Later, as a result, she lost her home too.

Adela worked closely with the Centerโ€™s housing specialists to secure a new home. During that time, she worked diligently on her own to collect and provide all required documentation for CityFHEPS independent housing.

After 11 months in shelter, she proudly signed a lease for a one-bedroom apartment and moved in together with her dog. Her move-out kit included pots, pans, towels, and a blanket.

Ms. E

Ms. E came to Susanโ€™s Place after fleeing domestic violence at the hands of her partner. Earlier in her life, she also sustained a traumatic brain injury.

Fortunately, after working with the health care providers and social workers at Susanโ€™s Place, she was able to achieve permanent housing. She moved into a studio apartment in August of this year. A move out kit of pots, kitchen utensils, and blankets accompanied her.

Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness among women and families. To learn more about this important issue, click here.

Ms. P

Ms. P was born in the Dominican Republic but immigrated to the United States when she was just 3-years old. Up until the beginning of 2021, she shared an apartment with a friend. Unfortunately, the two had a falling out and Ms. P became homeless.

So, in January of 2021, Ms. P arrived at the 52nd Street Womenโ€™s Center. She was 32-years old.

During her stay, she maintained full-time employment and worked rigorously to find a permanent home. Ms. P went above and beyond in this regard, going out on her own to search for an apartment.

Finally, after 7-months, Ms. P achieved permanent housing and moved in to her own 1-bedtoom apartment. A move out kit with pots, pans, linens, towels, and a comforter joined her.

Housing placement is a complex, but essential process. To learn more about it and the amazing people that make it happen, click here.

Ms. O

Ms. O lived in Puerto Rico with her mother for the majority of her life. Unfortunately, her mother passed away and Ms. O fell into a deep depression. This culminated in the loss of her home.

It was at this time that she emigrated to New York City. She was 55.

Ms. O received psychiatric care at Susanโ€™s Place in addition to the shelterโ€™s many other services. Finally, in the summer of this year, she moved into supportive housing. A kit of pots, kitchen utensils, towels, and washcloths went with her.

Ms. O is passionate about painting and writing and aspires to become an author.

A Few of Many

We have the tools at our disposal to end homelessness right now. These five stories are just a few of many. However, if we are to add more, we need to work together.

You and your support are just as important as the mental health services Ms. O received or the behavioral health services Mrs. U received.

If you make a gift today (of any amount) you can take pride in knowing that your generosity is helping homeless New Yorkers achieve permanent housing and get back on their feet.

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A Word of Thanks

For each of these stories, the move-out kits were made possible by the Judith C. White Foundation. We thank them for their kindness and help for these and many more women this year, restoring their independence.

*None of the women profiled are pictured in any of the photographs present here.