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340b Saves Lives

Learn about the 340b program, why it’s important and why we need to protect it.

340B is a program that provides discounted prescription drugs to health care providers who serve marginalized communities. The term “340B” doesn’t mean a thing to those that we serve. However, thanks to this program, our health centers are able to provide medications at no cost to our clients. Therefore, significantly reducing barriers to care. 

You do not need to know the ins and outs to understand what this program does for our community. Unfortunately, NY State is proposing to remove any benefit received from participating in the 340B program, beginning April 1st.

To further illustrate how important this program is, we asked our providers to share a few stories.

The Impact of 340b


R.G. and her two children (8 and 9) came to the Jamaica Family Residence. They had been seeking political asylum due to violence in their home country of Colombia. Both children are asthmatic and needed their inhalers refilled. Unfortunately, because they didn’t have insurance, this simple task became difficult. Thankfully, the resources at the CFH health center, located within the residence, allowed R.G. to get the inhalers refilled, regardless of her ability to pay.

“I was so happy to have the 340B program as a resource to help this family and resolve one worry from their list,” said CFH NP, Nora Lueth.

R.G. and her children now have a home in the community and continue to receive care at a local CFH open access site.


“Many of our street homeless patients have a difficult time finding a place to securely store their belongings every night. 

I consistently hear reports of medication and medical supplies being taken or lost. So, it makes a world of difference when I can say, “No problem, we can get another glucometer delivered to you today!” 

Our 340b program continues to benefit these vulnerable patients and ensures that they get the care they need.”

Protect the Program

There are many stories to share that show how critical the 340B program is for our communities. The proposed changes to the program would handicap community health centers. Thus, making it harder to provide comprehensive care to the most underserved communities in New York.

We must protect the 340B safety net!

You can visit the Save NY’s Safety Net 340B Saves Lives website to learn more about this issue. You may also click here to email Governor Cuomo and urge him to stop the changes to the 340B program.

340b Saves Lives Website E-mail Governor Cuomo

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