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Summer Solstice Success Celebration 2023

Join us as we recognize currently or formerly homeless individuals who have faced immense obstacles and achieved success.

summer solstice success celebration 2023

The annual Summer Solstice Success Celebration is a signature policy and advocacy event. Each year, we recognize the achievements of our consumers who have overcome the challenges of homelessness.

But success comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Last year, Ms. Worthington achieved permanent housing. A year before that, Ms. Brown and Ms. Hawes did the same. All the while, M.A. Dennis lost over 40 pounds and Mr. McMahan helped folks register to vote.

Homelessness does not have a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Ending episodes of homelessness means addressing health care, housing, and policy issues. The diversity of the success stories presented here is a shining testament to that fact.

success stories

ms. stokes | success in housing

Ms. Stokes’ journey to acquire stable housing has been long and challenging, but it is finally over. Watch as she describes the process, those who helped her, and her goals for the future, including the completion of her degree!

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‘beauty is skin deep’

A Success Story by Gayle D.

Gayle D. Success Story

Gayle D. is a long time member of the CFH family as well as a passionate advocate. In this short reading, she addresses the importance of showing self-love even when times are at their most difficult. It is a hopeful story for all those experiencing homelessness.

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m.a. dennis | success in advocacy

Advocacy is an essential tool in the mission to end homelessness. As a person with a lived experience of homelessness, M.A. Dennis understands how impactful it can be to have supporters in your corner. In this interview, he discusses his journey from homelessness to housing, how he got involved in advocacy, and the effect his voice has already had.

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M.A. Dennis Success in Advocacy Summer Solstice Success Celebration

mr. jamison | success in housing

Mr. Jamison

After entering the shelter system, Mr. Jamison found himself at Care Found Here โ€“ Morris Avenue. There, he met our passionate staff who worked with him every step of the way to secure permanent housing. In this interview, he talks about the process of receiving permanent housing and the effect this success has had on him (and his kitten, Star).

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ms. gorkowski | success in education

Ms. Gorkowski is a driven student who is well on her way to earning a degree in medical coding. Here, she talks about pursuing her goals while living at Susan’s Place, what this achievement means to her, and how she plans to use her skills moving forward.

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Ms. Gorkowski Summer Solstice Success Story

MS. Best | Success in housing

Ms. Best Summer Solstice Success Story

Ms. Best is a passionate poet who loves the outdoors. She’s also very motivated when it comes to her personal goals. In this interview, she discusses her journey from Susan’s Place to permanent housing and the challenges in between.

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ms. Lester | success in housing

After losing her home because of a negligent landlord, Ms. Lester came to the 52nd Street Women’s Center, where she bonded with other women facing the same hardships. Here she talks about how she got through those difficult times and achieved permanent housing as well as the impact that success has had on her wellbeing.

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Ms. Lester Summer Solstice Success Story