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United for Housing

With the 2021 mayoral election on the horizon, the NYHC released a report focusing on what can be done to alleviate homelessness related issues in NYC.

Right now, more than 78,600 people are experiencing homelessness in NYC. In addition, more than a million are rent burdened, putting them at risk of becoming homeless.

It’s critical now that we champion the idea that housing is a human right! Especially as we move our attention towards the 2021 mayoral election.

United for Housing

A recent report by the New York Housing Conference created a blueprint for housing investment. The report focuses on NYC’s next mayor and emphasizes racial equity, expanding/preserving affordable housing and reducing homelessness.

The recommendations specifically focused on reducing homelessness include:

It is important that these issues are at the forefront of our advocacy this year. We must address the city’s widespread lack of affordable housing, growing homelessness, neglected public housing and the effects that the pandemic has had on vulnerable communities to create a more equitable city for all who reside here.

You can read the full United for Housing report here.

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