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We’ve Expanded to Staten Island

We’re excited to announce that CFH services are now available in all five boroughs for the first time ever!

We’re excited to announced that we recently launched a health care delivery site on Staten Island. This expansion marks the first time the non-profit will deliver health services to homeless New Yorkers across all five boroughs.

Staten Island Outreach

Our program will primarily work with those experiencing street homelessness. Our site partner operates several street outreach and drop-in programs. The work being done on Staten Island is very similar to our long-standing program at The Living Room Safe Haven, in the Bronx.

A Littleton Open Access Health Centers Staten Island

A primary care team will provide full-time, on-site medical care from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. In addition, our team will support the drop-in site with 24/7 backup coverage. We will also work with our partner site’s street outreach team to deliver care to people experiencing street homelessness. We will also be setting up a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) – Buprenorphine program in the near future.

A Word from Our CEO

“Expanding our net of services to all five boroughs is just another step towards a healthier, more robust, and fairer New York City,” said CFH President & CEO, George Nashak. The launch of this new program is supplemented by the autumn opening of CFH’s own Safe Haven program in the Bronx as well as their development of another Safe Haven in Lower Manhattan.

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