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CFH Celebrates Black History Month with FUBU’s Keith Perrin

We thank Keith Perrin for joining our staff and other guests on February 24th in recognition of Black History month.

We thank Keith Perrin of FUBU for joining our staff and other guests on February 24th in recognition of Black History month.

FUBU’s Beginning

Keith is widely known and respected as an entrepreneur, brand expert, and as co-founder of FUBU sportswear. He is also the founder of FUBU Radio. In his talk, he shared the story of the company’s humble beginning in Hollis, Queens. Keith, along with three other neighborhood friends (including Shark Tank’s Daymond John) started out by making hats in Daymond’s basement.

DJ Hercules, George Nashak, Keith Perrin
(Left to Right) FUBU Radio’s DJ Hercules, CFH President & CEO George Nashak & Keith Perrin

FUBU endured many bumps and mistakes along the way, as did the founders. These gentlemen were ahead of their time, though. They were brand innovators before branding became the booming industry it is today. And they were influencers before there even was such a term. It’s these unique traits that helped FUBU grow into the successful brand it is now.

A Passing of Values

On a personal note, Keith also spoke about the strength and encouragement he received daily from his mother, a single parent. He also credits his supervisor from his first full-time job at NY’s Housing and Urban Development office. This man believed in Keith and helped move him up the ladder with increasing responsibilities. Keith eventually became manager of a 200-unit complex. It was there that he followed his supervisor’s example, by reaching out and helping other young, potential leaders.

Keith continues to mentor young leaders today by working closely with his FUBU Radio team and other FUBU staff, ensuring they have what they need to succeed—on the job and in life.

Expansion of Future Plans

While the clothing company experienced some ups and downs since its founding, today Keith is leading the efforts to revitalize and reintroduce the brand. This has been accomplished by expanding into product lines such as FUBU eyewear, watches, and FUBU Kids.

Ben Vereen, FUBU Radio's Chrys Child's, Keith Perrin, CFH President & CEO George Nashak
(Left to Right) Actor, Ben Vereen; FUBU Radio’s Chrys Child’s, Keith Perrin and George Nashak

Under his leadership, FUBU Radio’s impressive growth was recently noted by the streaming service iHeart Radio, and added the station to their portfolio, increasing its reach to millions.

All for the Community

Keith’s business acumen and tenacity were evident through his telling of the FUBU story. But it was his personal honesty and integrity, coupled with his mission to always share and support the communities around him, that shone through all the business anecdotes.

He made it very clear that all the accomplishments, awards and wealth he and his partners have acquired, mean very little without these attributes and the satisfaction he gets from his ability to give back.

Thank you, Keith, for so generously sharing your time and insights.