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A Q&A with Jamel Coy Hudson

Recently, Mr. Hudson lent his support to us with a monthly gift. Explore below to see why he said, “Yes, I Care For the Homeless.”

Jamel Coy Hudson, Ed.S. is an educator, entertainer, scholar, and athlete. He is a Lecturer at Baruch College, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Hofstra University and the Executive Director of Empower 1 Self, Inc. He has also received numerous awards for his many years of public service.

Recently, Mr. Hudson lent his support to us with a monthly gift. Explore below to see why he said, “Yes, I Care For the Homeless.”

How did you first learn about Care For the Homeless? 

I first learned about Care For the Homeless when I arrived in New York City to start a new teaching position at The City University of New York. When I started teaching courses as a Lecturer of Rhetoric and Public Advocacy at CUNY Baruch College I looked for resources I could connect my students with that addressed poverty, homelessness and healthcare inequities. With a quick google search I came across CFH. 

What compelled you to choose CFH as a recipient of your support? 

The motivating factor that compelled me to choose CFH as a recipient of my support is the organization’s focus on policy and advocacy. Seeing CFH’s commitment to addressing structural inequities in housing, healthcare and education in New York City inspired me to support their mission.  

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Why did you decide to provide your support as a monthly gift?

I decided to provide a monthly gift to CFH because my faith and desire to serve compelled me to. I’ve been the recipient of God’s Grace, my parent’s love and the support of a community of people that helped me get to where I am today. I’ve been blessed and I’d like to give out the love I’ve received.  

Why do you continue to support CFH? 

I continue to support CFH because I believe everybody has a right to live. This pandemic has exposed serious flaws in our society and organizations that are providing essential services like CFH need the support of all that can offer it.  

What would you say to encourage others to support CFH, and to consider becoming a monthly donor? 

When you support CFH, you are supporting a person’s right to live, to eat, to have shelter, to access quality healthcare services and other human necessities. I would encourage anyone that has the means to support CFH to do so because hunger, poverty, and homelessness aren’t so far removed from any of us. 

There but for the Grace of God, go I


Mr. Hudson’s support and the support of friends like you, is instrumental in the work we do. So, please, consider joining him and say “Yes, I Care For the Homeless.”