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New Donors

Introducing the newest members of the CFH family!

Thank you to our new donors!

2022 was a year characterized by need. The continued need for proper health care and the need for resources. So, that we may continue helping those experiencing homelessness.

2022 was also a year characterized by generosity and all of you who saw fit to help New York’s most in need, was no different.

Thank you and welcome to all of the newest members of the CFH Family! We’re so excited to have your support.

Disclaimer: We make every effort for accuracy and format but if something is incorrect, please let us know. Send an email to: info@cfhnyc.org.

meet our new donors 2022

New Donors 2022 Part 1
New Donors 2022 Part 2

“I donated to CFH because I knew the COVID pandemic was particularly devastating to those without health care and adequate food and shelter. The pandemic had stretched NYC hospitalsโ€™ capacity, and I knew that would impact access to health care for the cityโ€™s most vulnerable citizens. CFHโ€™s noble mission is one of the most needed in NYC, and it was my honor to contribute to their fund.”

Cris Benavides, CFH Donor

“We must come together to help all people in need, especially the homeless population during this pandemic. When I saw the work that CFH does, I knew my gift would go to great use.”

Vivian Petrakakos, CFH Donor

We want to hear from you!

Why did you choose to give to CFH?

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