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Loyal and Recurring Donors

Thank you to all of our loyal donors. Whether you give yearly, quarterly or monthly, your support is both impactful and humbling.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to this special group of supporters: our loyal donors. Each individual on these lists has given to us for 2 or more years. Thank you for your loyalty and your consistent belief in our mission.

Loyal donors

Daniel Baldwin and Nancy Wein*

Matthew Baldwin

Andrew Baldwin

Jacob Baskin*

Steven Bauer

Carlos E. Beckford

Edwin Beltran

Joseph Berlinger and Loren Eiferman

Mr. Martin Bienenstock

Diamond Blackwell

Vicki Sara Blumberg, M.D.

Walter Brewster

Bright Funds Foundation

Nelda Canada

Surjit and Christine Chana

Ambar Chana

Jessamine Cheng

Marina Coteco

Delise DuPont Blenman

Michael, Sara, Benjamin and Isaac Elkin

Mr. Steven Ellis

Mr. Kevin Fagan

Ms. Aria Finger*

Mr. Ira Finger*

Peter and Susan Friedes

Mr. Clinton E. Galloway*

Mr. Mark Gardner

Mr. Paul Gaston

David Geronemus and Mitzi Lyman

Jean E. Graham

Angel Guzman

Adam Hadas

Dr. Robin Hamilton

Robert Heckart

Dr. Charles Hesdorffer

Professor Jamel Coy Hudson

Ms. Debora  L. Jacques*

Mariya Kamenetskaya, LMSW

Timothy and Roberta Karcher

Mr. Robert Karmen

Meghan Kiliszek

Ms. Kimberly Kispert

Daniel Klein

Mr. Jeremy Korzenik

Mr. Grigor Licul

Mr. Gene Lipman

James Lord

Tony & Jennifer Maestri

October Mountain Foundation

The Paul
and Mary McEvoy Fund

Meghan McKeever

Margarita Mercader

Mo Morgan

Dr. Daniel Moss

The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation, Inc.*

Elizabeth Munson and Robert L. Von Stade

Jennifer Murphy

Mr. Walter Nadboy

George Nashak

Michael and Catherine Nashak

Robert Nashak

Karron Nutman Family Charitable Fund

Mr. Jonathan Oberman

Courtenay O’Connor

Mr. Jordan O’Donoghue

Regina and Daniel Olasin

Joe Palca

Ms. Jane C. Parker

Mr. Charles Peeples

Nicholas Poser

Ms. Kruti Putumbaka

Mr. Eric Queen

Eileen Ragone

Amanda Ramsdell

Ms. Elizabeth Reese

Ms. Sara Cheryl Rhoda

Lillie and Sonjia R. Richards

Dr. Pamela Riley

Paul B. Ringel & Michele A. Lorand Gift Fund

Dr. Alan Rosenberg

Mr. Lawrence Rothbart

Mr. Joseph Roussel

Mr. Lee Schneider

MD Tarkik Shahriar

Claude Silver

Dr. Denise Soffel

Diane Stradling

Mr. Ron Thaniel

The A & J Serenity Fund

The Hyman Levine Family Foundation: L’Dor V’Dor

The Larry David Foundation, Inc.

Harry K. Thomas, Jr.

Prachi Vidwans

Bobby and Deatra Watts*

William and Cheryl Weiss

Beth C. Weitzman, PhD and Mitch Rubin, MD*

Aaron Wheeler

Cynthia A. Willer

Mr. Jonathan Willinger

Courtney Wong

Mark Woollett and Candace Clift

Ms. Patricia Zarate

*Supporters who have donated for 10+ years – our Decade+ Donors! Thank you all!

recurring/Monthly donors

Carlos E. Beckford

Marina Coteco

Mr. Kevin Fagan

Mr. Mark Gardner

Luke Givens

Jean E. Graham

Adam Hadas

Professor Jamel Coy Hudson

Ms. Debora  L. Jacques

Mr. Robert Karmen

Meghan Kiliszek

James Lord

Mrs. Therese Newnes

Courtenay O’Connor

Ms. Janer Plummer

Eileen Ragone

Mr. Joseph Roussel

Mr. Lee Schneider

MD Tarkik Shahriar

Robert Stanton

Prachi Vidwans

Mark Woollett and Candace Clift

Each individual on this list supports us throughout the year, whether it be quarterly or monthly. Thank you all for your generosity!

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