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In-kind Donors

Thank you to all those who continue to help provide essentials for New York City’s most in need.

Essential items like hats, scarves and socks make all the difference to a person experiencing homelessness. The same goes for toiletries and feminine hygiene products. And as necessary as they are, they aren’t always easy to get for homeless New Yorkers.

In-kind donors help relieve the stress that comes with not having one or more of those items. But they do a lot more too. Gifts from In-kind donors help people stop worrying about the small things, so that they can focus on their journey to independence.

We’ve been very lucky to receive thousands of essential items over the past year from friends all over the country!

Disclaimer: We make every effort for accuracy and format but if something is incorrect, please let us know. Send an email to: info@cfhnyc.org.

Allessandra Dibernardo
Amazon Smile
Ann Leo
Ashley Les
Ashley Stewart, Inc.

Barbara Russillo
Beatrice Petrson
Christine Wiebke

Christine Yash
Christopher Toro
Conrad Schnappauf
Daelmans Stroopwafles
Dan and Kym Dunson

Delivering Good
Diane Crouse
Driscoll Foods
Fran Lonzson
Ginger Bradley

Grace Kumagai
Haley Jarvis
Irene Harrington
Jeanne Steenrod
Jeanne Wethe

Jennifer Jones
Kanisha Dawson
Karen Baron
Kathryn Martin
Kathy Maglieri

Kathy Reiffenstein
L. Gott
LaGuardia Gateway
Partners Latanya Neal
Leslie Vaccaro

Linda D. Szczepanski
Lion Brand Yarn
Lisa Gross
Lucretia Whitener
Lynn Pagliaccio

Maria Angelica Sanchez
Maria Pulice
Maria Sanchez
Marti McCall
Mary and David Mckillip

Mary Mehlich
Mary Mohamadi
Mary Seger
Maxine Bitzer
Megan Tempero
Megan Wilkinson

Melissa Goldstein
Monat Global
Myrina McCullough
Nancy DeMarco
Nicholas Vuono

NYU Naughty Knitters Club
P. Warren
Pamela Rodriguez
Patricia Gebhard

Paula Haberkern
Paula Johnstone
Phillip Vaughan
Revitalization Medical
Richard Elliot

Roseann O’Toole
Samathana Lawton
Sandra Samich Graybill

Shalom International Corp
Sheila Leopold-Hooke
Shirley Gauf
Sisters of St. Francis of Peace
Sole Purpose


St. Francis Food Pantries
and Shelters
Stanley Dano
Susan Alexander

Susan Montemurro
The Forum Group
The Williamsburg Massachusetts
Senior Center

Trust Pilot
Vicky Economou
Wanda Crain

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