Care For the Homeless supports improved and expanded health care, human services, supportive housing and affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in New York City, and elsewhere, as part of our mission to ameliorate, prevent and end homelessness. We are committed to:


  • Better Health Care and Supportive Services: Homelessness is a health epidemic that shortens lives, aggravates medical and mental health conditions and causes preventable disabilities and deaths. Even with expanded access, many New Yorkers experiencing homelessness do not get adequate or appropriate health care or other services. Meeting the health care needs of people experiencing homelessness is a specialty and access to such adequately funded services by every homeless or at-risk of homelessness New Yorker is a necessity, a basic human right and a prerequisite for effectively preventing, ameliorating and ending homelessness. We strive to make the health system responsive to the needs of people experiencing homelessness.


  • Stable Housing: We support efforts to effectively prevent homelessness and provide housing or a means to obtain and maintain stable housing for all homeless people. This includes Housing First strategies, supportive housing for those who need it, an effective rent subsidy program for people experiencing homelessness, public housing priorities for unstably housed people and a robust aftercare and support program for people transitioning from homelessness to housing. We support affordable housing for all, but recognize the special needs of extremely low-income New Yorkers and people in deep poverty.


  • Protecting the Rights and Dignity of homeless people: We support the rights and franchise of homeless people and policies affording them respect and recognizing their contributions and value. We oppose reducing their rights, criminalizing poverty or stigmatizing homeless people, including supporting the proposed New York Homeless Protection Act. We support empowering homeless people to speak for themselves, including vigorous efforts to register and facilitate voting by people experiencing homelessness, and programs to undo the effects of racism and structural barriers to housing, employment and the full enjoyment of life for poor and homeless people.


To download a copy of the Care For the Homeless Policy Agenda to End Homelessness, click here.

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