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Grassroots organizing is connecting supporters with policy makers in their own district, neighborhood and community – to advocate for better policy on issues effecting poor people and people experiencing homelessness in New York City. It’s the most effective advocacy of all.  




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03/30/14 Letter to the Editor

12/10/13 Letter to the Editor

10/02/13 Letter to the Editor

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CFH Policy Director Testifies before City Council


Jeff Foreman joins many other human service providers in testifying about the sector's need for significant across-the-board increase in funding. Read testimony here.

NYC Homelessness Crisis


WNYU Radio speaks about the homelessness crisis facing New York City, featuring Care for the Homeless Policy Director Jeff Foreman.  Listen here. 

Homeless Immigrants Face Overwhelming Odds on NYC Streets


Voice of America News about immigration and homelessness, includes Consumer Advisory Board members Philip Malebranche and Taje Singh. Read more here.

Report: Homeless New Yorkers Died In Record Numbers Last Year


Gothamist article about homeless deaths in 2016. Read more here.

Remembering The Homeless Who Died In 2016


Gothamist article covering Care for the Homeless' and Urban Pathways' Homelss Persons' Memorial Day. Read more here.

Manhattan Ceremony Honors 144 Homeless Who Died Over the Year


New York Daily News speaks about Homeless Persons' Memorial Day. Read more here.

Commemorating New Yorkers From Harlem To Hollis Who Have Passed While Homeless In 2016


Harlem World Magazine covers Homeless Persons' Memorial Day. Read more here.

Observing Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day & Committing To End It


Op-ed in Gotham Gazette about Homeless Persons' Memorial Day. Read more here.

NYC Homeless Who Died this Year to be Remembered at Memorial 


am New York announces Homeless Persons' Memorial Day. Read more here.

When Trying to Survive While Homeless is Made Illegal 


Think Progress covers "Housing Not Handcuffs" New York City Campaign launch. Read more here. 

Housing Not Handcuffs


WMBC-TV news coverage of "Housing Not Handcuffs" Campaign launch. Watch here.

​Housing, Not Handcuffs, Is the Solution to Rising Homelessness


Op-ed in Gotham Gazette features an article by Care for the Homeless Policy Director Jeff Foreman and Urban Pathways' Policy Director Nicole Bramstedt. Read more here.

AM 970 and Care for the Homeless: Homelessness Segment


The Answer's Frank Morano interviews Care for the Homeless Policy Diretor Jeff Foreman and Consumer Advisory Board member Philip Malebranche. Listen here. 

Summer Solstice Success Celebration 


Care for the Homeless' Summer Sosltice Success Celebration video by Fintan Mason featuring Human Resources Administration Commissioner Steven Banks.The event is held on the longest day of the year to celebrates housing, healthcare and advoacy successes of current or formerly homeless New Yorkers. Watch here. 

Obama's Ambitious Homelessness Plan is Totally Doomed, Totally Doable


City Limits features an article by Care for the Homeless Policy Director Jeff Foreman about the possibility of ending homelessness. Read more here. 

Homelessness Crisis Isn’t Coming, It’s Here, And We Have a Plan to End It


The Gotham Gazette features an article by Care for the Homeless Policy Director Jeff Foreman on ways to fight, prevent and end homelessness. Want to be a CFH Homeless Advocate? Email Jeff Foreman at Read more here.

Incentivizing bank responsiveness to underserved communities?


Read more here.

How many hours do you need to work to rent an apartment?


Read more here.

Renewing our Historic commitment to fight homelessness with public housing 


Read more here.

CFH client and Policy Director Testify Before City Council

Read the whole CFH testimony to Council here.

Fighting for Vital Programs for People Experiencing Homelessness

 Read our special report including how you can help.

Hate Crimes Against Homeless People

To read Executive Director Bobby Watts' correspondence to New York State Senator Neil Breslin, click HERE.

Cutting Programs to Prevent and End Homelessness is Not a Solution

To read Executive Director Bobby Watts' correspondence to United States Senator Kristen Gillibrand, click HERE.

Housing for the Homeless IS Health Care

To read Executive Director Bobby Watts' address from Homeless Memorial Day 2012, click HERE.

But We Actually Do Know How to Address Homeless Issues.

Read Bobby Watts testimony to City Council here.