Primary care services

Interdisciplinary teams visit our service sites from one to five days a week and offer the following primary care services: physical examinations (including taking a complete medical history), episodic care and first aid, specimen collection for laboratory testing, dispensing of needed prescriptions, referrals to specialty care facilities, urine testing, HIV pre- and post test counseling, HIV testing, TB screening, medication compliance, psychiatric screening, and needed follow up visits. In addition to these on site services, our health care providers refer clients, when needed, to medical specialists in the community or to contracted health facilities.

Care For the Homeless operates an open access system to meet the needs of its clients. Clients do not need advance appointments to be seen and are able to walk into the clinics for same day appointments. Services are provided regardless of patientsā€™ age or ability to pay.

The acute need for primary health care services is evident when one sees that health-related issues are often a precipitating cause of homelessness.  Homelessness, in turn, greatly exacerbates the effect of acute and chronic health deficits. Homelessness and health influence each other.  Not only are behavioral and primary health care issues a causative factor in homelessness, but the lack of domicile, and the trauma that condition induces, negatively impact health.

Adult Services

Care For the Homeless reaches out to adults who have not been effectively engaged or retained in outpatient treatment. If these needs are unmet, there will be increasingly high rates of chronic, disabling, and/or life-threatening health conditions (hypertension, asthma, HIV/AIDS, liver disease).

Pediatric Services

Children in homeless families have high rates of acute and chronic health problems. Care For the Homeless provides services that can alleviate physical and mental health problems.

Oral Health Care

Many homeless individuals do not assign importance to preventive care and only seek dental services when they are in pain. Care For the Homeless is working hard to address the woeful gap in oral health care services amongst its homeless clientele.

HIV Services

Care For the Homeless understands the challenges in providing homeless health care, especially to clients with HIV/AIDS.

LGBTQ Services

Care For the Homeless provides quality, comprehensive services delivered with respect and cultural competence to LGBTQ youth.