Client Voices

Homeless Voices is an innovative project aimed at breaking down the misconceptions and predispositions about homeless people and their lives. The detailed client narratives from this project are beneficial in our effort to educate and enlighten not only the public, but politicians and legislators as well. They represent a rare, candid look at the realities of the shelter system and the public assistance maze, and expose the truth about the effects of public policy in a distinctive way that could only be told in the client's own words. We thank and honor all the clients who participated in the series. Visit our archives to read more of the series.

Read about Raz, a single-mother of two currently living at a family shelter in the Bronx, who has overcome addiction and abusive relationships to create a new life for her family.

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Marta overcame incredible odds - trauma, cancer and and homelessness - with Care for the Homeless at her side. Read her inspiring story.

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