Homelessness is Solvable: Key Suggestions from Our Policy Forum

On June 14th, Care for the Homeless and the LIU Brooklyn MPA Program held a Policy Forum on Preventing and Ending Homelessness in New York City. Over 300 people came together to discuss how to prevent and end homelessness in New York City. The Forum included multiple panels and presentations on a range of pressing topics involving homelessness. It featured panelists who were educators, advocates, policy makers, service providers and experts in the field, including a number of people with the lived experience of homelessness.


The Policy and Advocacy team at Care for the Homeless and staff from LIU’s MPA program compiled a list of suggestions that were shared by the speakers and panelists during the Forum and the attendees who added their ideas to our suggestion box. It was our promise that we would put all the suggestions together on this list and circulate it to Forum participants and New York City policymakers. Some of these suggestions are small or very incremental, and others are big picture ideas. Many are long discussed concepts, but others are novel. Some are specific to the homelessness crisis in New York City, but many are also applicable to areas around the country or around the world.

Thank you to all who contributed! It is now up to each of us to work for the better public policies that we know can end homelessness as we know it!

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Care for the Homeless has actively advocated on behalf of homeless people in New York City since its creation in 1985.


Care for the Homeless actively tracks trends and developments affecting homeless people, develops policy initiatives and advocates on public policy issues affecting people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness. Our public policy analysis and advocacy educates elected officials, other policy makers and the public on important issues and trends confronting homeless people. Care for the Homeless is active with advocacy partners and coalitions at the national, state and local levels advocating for high-quality patient-centered health care and social services for our homeless clients and the rights, inclusion and dignity of homeless individuals and families. We are committed to actively involving our clients, staff and Board in our policy development and advocacy efforts and building public support on behalf of homeless people.

Our policy and advocacy efforts, and leadership and participation with coalitions and advocacy organizations provide an important voice for homeless people in New York City, Albany and Washington. Recent policy newsletters, updates and other items are available on this site.

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